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Online catalog of auto / truck accessories!

Featuring high quality crystal clear lenses, Euro Diamond Clear Corner lights, Side Marker, Headlights, Taillights, Titan Bulbs, Mirrors, Intake and Performance Filters, Billet Grills, Touring Wings, Pedal Kits, Antenna Tips, Strobe Tube Lights and many other accessories.

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  • Bumper and Corner Lenses.
    - Replace your OE lenses with high quality Clear Corner tm lenses by APC. High quality crystal clear lenses feature a brilliant sparkle when in use. Euro clear and Euro Diamond Clear Corner tm lenses are street legal when used with the appropriate amber bulbs and reflectors (included). The Clear Corner lens is the finishing touch for a complete restyled look on your front end.
    • Crystal clear lens add European styling
    • Complete with amber bulbs and reflectors
    • Custom fit - plugs into OE connections
    • Easy to install

  • Side Marker Lenses.
    - Restyle and complement your ride with APC's Side Marker lenses. Easily replace your stock side markers with high quality lenses. Street legal when used with appropriate amber bulbs (included). Custom fit and universal applications available.
    • Euro or diamond lenses add European styling
    • Complete with amber bulbs and reflectors
    • Simple two-wire hookup

  • Headlights.
    - APC brings the expensive European styling and performance of projector headlights to the sport compact and sport truck market. Designed and manufactured to OEM specifications with use of high performance halogen bulbs for a controlled lighting pattern. Direct connect to all factory wiring for an exacting fit.
    • Projector headlight assemblies provide controlled lighting patterns
    • Popular halogen bulb styling
    • Custom fit - plugs into OE connections
    • Easy to install

  • Taillights.
    - APC Euro Taillights tm create a fast sporty look to match your attitude and your ride. All Euro Tails tm comply with FMV108 Federal regulations and include legal side reflux reflections as required.
    • Available with chrome or carbon fiber look housing, and now with the new black satin finish
    • Ultra clear lens offers great style and clarity
    • Unique red reflector lens used with original clear bulbs
    • Custom molded for accurate fit
    • Quick and easy to install

    - APC's Next Generation tm and Eurotec Euro Tails tm introduce an entirely new taillight technology to the industry. Always creating new and innovative products, APC's full line of taillights continues to separate the average driver from the enthusiast. With unique designs along with red and screw type finishes, these new APC lights meet all D.O.T. and FMVSS108 federal regulations.
    • Available with chrome or carbon fiber look housing, and now with the new black satin finish
    • Ultra clear lens offers great style and clarity
    • Unique red reflector lens used with original clear bulbs
    • Custom molded for accurate fit
    • Quick and easy to install

    - The APC Retro 3D Series tm taillight has been engineered to out-perform the competition in every aspect. The taillights are D.O.T., S.A.E., and RMSS 108 compliant. The Retro 3D tm taillight utilizes a three-dimensional light design minus an outer lens covering to create a truly unique taillight. Aluminum look exterior bezels have been incorporated into this unique design. The Retro 3D tm taillights have O.E.M. quality fitment and install in minutes.

  • Bulbs.
    - APC offers a complete line of high performance, long lasting bulbs for any application. APC has the perfect light for your ride
    • SuperMax Xenon tm bulbs are high performance Xenon technology miniature bulbs as used in high performance Xenon gas headlight bulbs.
    • Titan Bulbs tm are specially designed for today's popular clear lenses. The Titan Bulb tm has a mirror finish in any color to allow a cool hidden look. The color of the bulb cannot be seen through the lens.
    • X-Bulbs tm are attractively priced bulbs with high performance Xenon Technology. Premium quality outperforms Halogen or Incandescent Bulbs of similar styles. X-treme bulbs for the X-treme enthusiast.
    • Plasma Ultra White tm bulbs are premium H.I.D. look in a D.O.T. compliant maximum available wattage high performance bulb. Backed by a powerful 180-day guarantee.
    • Super White tm and Frost tm bulbs are high performance, high wattage, closest to H.I.D. bulbs. Powerful high white beam.
  • Intake and Performance Filters increase airflow and horsepower. Known for performance and styling, our intakes will significantly reduce intake restriction while smoothing airflow. Command more usable power and acceleration with an APC Intimidator tm system.
    • Replaces OEM air filter and intake systems
    • Increases horsepower and acceleration
    • Available for most applications
Exterior and Body Modifications
  • APC Billet Grills adds style and attitude to your Sport Truck or Sport Compact. Made from the highest quality aluminum, APC billet Grills will enhance any vehicles appearance. Quick and easy installation make this product a must have for every enthusiasts vehicle.
    • Adds sport styling to the front of your vehicle
    • Machined from billet aluminum and polished to a mirror finish
    • Durable corrosion resistant aluminum for long life
    • No exposed welds
    • Custom fit applications

  • APC Mirrors adds innovative exterior styling. Mirrors available in black, carbon fiber look, and chrome finishes along with designs to accent most vehicles. These APC mirrors are available in a Sport style, L.E.D. Turn signal, Speed Glo tm Turn signal, and European Generation II tm.
    • Sleek design complements the restyling of your vehicle
    • Mounts to existing holes without drilling
    • Simple 3-wire hookup
    • Sold in pairs

  • APC Universal Touring Style Wing restyles your sport compact. Contemporary styling built into every design. Offered in aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass, our wings vary in widths and heights for the perfect look. Ready to paint for a uniformed monochrome look or custom offset.
    • Universal Touring Wings for Import and Domestic applications
    • Available in Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Fiberglass
    • Adjustable applications available
    • Easy mount and installation
  • Pedal Kits.
    - APC offers a complete assortment of affordable Pedal sets that make your ride scream performance. Available for vehicles with automatic or manual transmission, our pedal sets offer a variety of colors and finishes by day ... with some models that glow by night. Manufactured of die cast aluminum for strength and durability. APC pedals will complete the restyled look of your interior.
    • Speed Glo tm pedals are colored by day and glow by night. Multiple colors available to match your mood and attitude.

    - APC Shoulder Pads will strap you in with comfort and style. Cushioned shoulder harness pads fit easily over the shoulder harness of your OE seat belt. Comes with many patterns including APC logo, Intimidator logo, "The Fast and The Furious" logo, and several vehicle manufacture logos.
    - Shift Boots synchronize your interior. Color choices available in genuine leather, suede, and woven carbon fiber look. Each shift boot is constructed with double stitched seams, elastic base and finished off with a lace-up top. If you are looking for something to light up your world, our new high energy EL shift boot is the perfect choice for you.
  • Antenna Tips.
  • Strobe Tube Lights.
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